Understanding the Flare Network

Flare is the decentralized finance network and liquidity hub built on the Binance Smartchain Network. It is a layer-1 smart contract platform that is scalable, Binance-compatible, and optimized for DeFi with built-in liquidity and ready-made financial applications. With its trustless exchange, decentralized stablecoin (aUSD), BNB Liquid Staking (LBNB), and EVM+, Flare lets developers access the best of Binance and the full power of Substrate.

Flare settles transactions for a fraction of the gas required on other networks.

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Pre Sale and Airdrop ends in

Liquidity will be added on the Pancakeswap exchanges at December 7, 2023


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Buy 0.01 BNB = 20 FLARE

Buy 10 BNB = 20,000 FLARE


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Claim 7 FLARE for the first 10,000 people.


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Referral to get 30% BNB + 50% FLARE per Airdrop and Buy. Referral NO LIMIT !

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Enjoy cross-chain bridges & compatibility

By launching on Binance, Flare can push the limits of whats possible, giving the every FLARE holders a place to launch bold new financial innovations. FLARE will access the network's plug-and-play security while enjoying high-capacity processing speeds, micro-gas fees, and interoperability between multiple networks, all ultimately bridged to Binance Smartchain.

Token Symbol - FLARE
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 100.000.000
Network - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0xaDfAfddaC8403E297df5BA8F8d605B2BC51bF32D

Why Choose Flare Network?

Flare chain is customized for DeFi and can continue to upgrade without forks to integrate new features requested from developers. For example, on-chain keepers automate protocol execution to better manage risks and improve user experience, or transaction fees payable with virtually any token to reduce user friction.


A Deeper Dive into FLARE

Cross-Netwotk Compatibility
Flare layer-1 platform offers the best of both Binance and Substrate environments. Compatible with established tech stacks, tooling, and wallets like MetaMask, Trustwallet,Yoloi, e.t.c
Flare Dollar Stablecoin
The Flare Dollar (fUSD) is the built-in programmable primitive of the Acala network. aUSD is the Binance-native decentralized stablecoin backed by DOT, DOT derivatives and cross-chain assets like BTC.
Binance Economic Hub
Access BNB-based assets and derivatives, Binance-native decentralized stablecoin, Polkadot ecosystem assets, and cross-chain assets from Bitcoin, Ethereum and beyond.